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    Mage Builds For Patch 4.3

    These are builds for mages for patch 4.3, if you are looking for current builds check out the Mage Builds Home Page. Builds that are older than patch 4.3 are no longer on site as the links no longer work with wowhead. The below builds are only listed as I had screen shots for most of them. These links are not able to be used with the new talent system that came out for Mists of Pandoria.


    Arcane Mage Talent Builds updated for Patch 4.3

    33/5/3 - Arcane Mage Raid Build - Optimal arcane mage build for raiding, it has interupts that help damage, buff raid, slow targets, etc. All the major damage talents taken however there is room to switch some talents around for different boss fights.

    34/4/3 Arcane Raid/Solo Heroics Build - This build works well both in raids and solo'n heroics.


    33/5/3 Arcane Raid Specialist Build - A good build for the big fights where a lot of damage maybe being taken. This build allows for pushback protection, increased survivability and high mobility.

    Arcane is the highest damage tree.

    Arcane has a lot of variability available for builds depending on what your role is in a raid for instance. If you are going to be interrupting then invocation or improved counterspell would be helpful for talents, if you are going to be cc'n then improved polymorph maybe the way to go, if you want increased survivability then maybe improved blink or prismatic cloak. This tree is built has a lot of options built into it so don't be afraid to pick up talents you think that will help you just make sure you are taking the core talents of:

    Netherwind Presence
    Torment the Weak
    Improved Arcane missiles
    Missile Barrage
    Presence of Mind
    Arcane Flows
    Arcane Tactics

    Arcane Potency

    Focus Magic
    Improved Mana gem

    Arcane Power

    Master of Elements
    Piercing Ice


    Fire Mage Talent Builds Updated for Patch 4.3


    3/35/3 Fire Mage Raid Build - This is a very high DPS raid spec found on elitistjerks.


    6/31/3+1 Mana Concentration Fire Raid Build - If you are having issues with mana in raids try this build; it has mana concentration so mana should no longer be an issue. You will lose a little little dps but not a lot. This should not be much of an issue now with 4.2.


    3/32/3+3 Pushback Prot and Max DPS - This build has Burning Soul and all DPS talents. This build also has cauterize for increased raid survivability.


    2/36/3 Fire Mage Utility Build - This mage build has Cauterize and Molten Shields for increased utility.


    Fire Mage Utility Pushback Prot Build - This build has both utility and pushback protection but to do this it sacrifices a little bit of DPS.

    Fire Blink Mage Build - Blink is situational but can help you get out of fire to a new safer spot fast, giving you more time to cast. DPS gained/lost will depend on how much you have to move during a fight.

    Level 85 AOE Fire Mage Build - This level build picks up Shatter and Improved Cone of Cold for more AOE potential. This will allow you to Frost Nova and Cone of Cold Freeze targets, followed with Shatter via Flamestrike/Blastwave.


    Unlike a lot of the other trees for different classes mages actually have a lot of choices when it come to their builds with fire.

    1. Fire has a lot of AOE spells and can do very good DPS to groups.
    2. Out of mana? No Worries! The fire tree has improved scorch, this makes scorch cost 0 mana. Not only does this give you something you can cast if you are out of manage but also gives you a high dps spell you can use in your rotation to allow you to manage your mana. Failing to manage your mana properly will reduce your DPS, so you still have to manage your mana, it just not as bad for a fire mage that runs out of mana compared to most mana dependant classes.
    3. This class has a lot of instant cast spells that allow for high mobility during some boss fights.
    4. Fire mages are heavily dependant on crits for a lot of this trees skills and damage making damage highly variable on fights.

    Frost Talent Builds (4.3)

    Frost Builds:


    2/8/31 High DPS Frost Raiding Build